NANOWEB, the aEGiS PHP web server

Themes for server generated responses

Nanoweb allows to use themes for server generated output like error messages or directory listings.
The look and feel of all error messages can now be changed very easily and quickly, because the actual themes are rather simple and thus can be changed to your needs with only little time effort.

The default.theme file gives also a good example on how to include response messages in different languages (which Nanoweb selects automagically based on the browsers configured preferred language). After creating your own custom theme file, you just need to load it with the LoadTheme directive and enable it where needed using ServerTheme.

currently available themes
default.theme core This is the theme file which gets applied to all server messages, until you define another one. It looks as plain as the server messages from all other common webservers, but contains already some translations.
fancy.theme core Generates more icon-centric directory listings. It utilizes client-side Javascript to achieve correcter table layouts, which may be a hurdle for some search enignes and outdated browsers. How the name tells it is really fancy nevertheless and thus worth to give it a try! (your servers visitors will thank your)

If you create a pretty server message theme, just feel free to send it to sIX for inclusion with the next release or extension repository.

NANOWEB, the aEGiS PHP web server