NANOWEB, the aEGiS PHP web server


With the nanoweb internal proxy server you can save download time as it caches all requests gone through it. This is especially useful if you have a local network with one internet gateway server which also works as firewall to the local network (in this special case you are really encouraged to use mod_proxy).
Beside its caching facility it can help you to filter unwanted content (whole sites, images and popups as well).

In order to make use of mod_proxy, you have to make it loaded by nanoweb by uncommenting the according LoadModule directive in the modules.conf; and you need of course to setup proxy usage in all browsers you want to use on the computers of your local network (use port 80 as for accessing nanoweb itself).

You may want to tweak the behaviour of mod_proxy with following directives:

ProxyAccessLog directive

Syntax: ProxyAccessLog = /var/log/nanoweb/proxy.log
Context: Server Config

The proxy module generates an additonal seperate log file, as you probably don't want the main server log to be intermixed with request informations for files that are not located in your servers docroot.

ProxyAllowIP directive

Syntax: ProxyAllowIP = 168.192.
Context: Server Config

Use this directive to allow hosts or all hosts from a network (with an abbreviated IP address range) to access the www via the nanoweb internal proxy server. Hosts not listed here cannot make use of the nanoweb proxy.

ProxyCacheDir directive

Syntax: ProxyCacheDir = /var/cache/nanoweb
Context: Server Config

The proxy module of course needs a dedicated directory where it can save all the files that were requested in the past, so that they do not need to be fetched a second time from the real server if they get requested another time.

ProxyDenySite directive

Syntax: ProxyDenySite = /etc/nanoweb/badsites
Context: Server Config

If you want some servers not to be accessible through your proxy you just need to list them in a text file (one server name per line) which you specify here; so access to such servers will be forbidden.

NANOWEB, the aEGiS PHP web server