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Microsoft-Free Fridays

»Microsoft-Free Fridays« is a campaign against the »Smart-Tags« which are external pop-up hyperlinks to be included within one of the next versions of the MS Internet Exploder.

This campaign was initiated by Dave Winer. Find more about it at Smart Tags are stupid.

This module implementetion checks the current day to to be friday and engages if the strings "MSIE" and "XP" are found in the 'User-Agent:' request header, as Smart-Tags enabled IEs won't be available for previous versions.
You can additonally engage the module for different weekdays as well by using the "MicrosoftFree" directivem where the days must be written numerically where Monday is 1, Tuesday 2 and so on (like in crontabs):
  # Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
  MicrosoftFree = 2 5 7
Note that the module will however always print "Microsoft-Free Fridays" regardless of the current weekday.

This is what the output will look like:

403 Forbidden

An error occured trying to access document or resource /.

Happy Microsoft®-Free Friday!

In support of freedom of choice in browser software, this web site is Microsoft-Free on Fridays. Please use any browser except MSIE to access this web site today.

Please contact the server administrator if the problem is abnormal and persists.

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