NANOWEB, the aEGiS PHP web server

.lnk files

A .lnk file can be used to redirect to another location whithin the filesystem or to point nanoweb to some more virtual proto:// file source.

If you create such a .lnk file it should just contain a line with the destination path or URI:
If a request http://www.example.com/a.lnk/this/file.txt for a .lnk file with a trailing path_info is detected mod_lnk will redirect Nanoweb to the given path or file.

Of course this is not really impressive and could be done much more easily using syminks or the Alias directive, but as it comes to "virtual" file sources this module may help you. As seen above you can redirect to URLs as well. The ftp:// and http:// are already known to PHP and can be used here. Other extension modules (like mod_mysql_scheme) may introduce more strange protocol sources for use with mod_lnk.

mod_lnk parses Windows' visual shortcut files as well to come around the lack of symlinks under Win32 systems. It currently seems to work for most .lnk files, but you should prefer the one-line .lnk file format as described above.

To enable mod_lnk and .lnk files you must enable it using the ParseExt directive in nanoweb.conf:
 ParseExt = lnk LNK

Note that requests to files redirected with .lnk files are currently handed over to nanowebs static_response() and thus cannot be .php scripts for example.

NANOWEB, the aEGiS PHP web server