NANOWEB, the aEGiS PHP web server


mod_libphp is an experimental attemp to process php scripts without the need to invoke a new php interpeter, because this may be under some circumstances a bit slower. However it turned out, that there is often NO SPEED GAIN, if you use this module instead of mod_cgi!!
Please note, that this module makes use of the PHP pcntl extension, and thus CANNOT BE USED UNDER WINDOWS, as current Windows versions don't support UNIX compatible process forking.


Before you start to test (don't forget this step!!) this module, you should know that it uses very stupid tricks to achieve this "internal processing" of php scripts, and thus following things don't work:
If you thought about all these drawbacks and have ensured that none of the nanoweb internal functions will be redefined by your script and that the unsupported ones are not critical to it, you can try to run it under mod_libphp instead of the real php.
To activate the module you must load it into the server and setup ParseExt accordingly:
#ParseExt = php LPHP
ParseExt = lphp LPHP

You should activate mod_libphp for all scripts not before you really have tested that it works! Instead of activating it for all scripts you may only want to run some of them inside nanoweb by changing their extension to .lphp as defined by the above ParseExt directive (such a .lphp script may itself include() any other ordinary .php of course).

This module is deactivated per default of course, due to its guessworking nature; and may not even be included in your nanoweb tarball. You have to edit nanoweb.php, search for "libphpHACK" and uncomment these few lines that make it work.

bugreports are welcome: mario@erphesfurt·de

NANOWEB, the aEGiS PHP web server