NANOWEB, the aEGiS PHP web server


mod_include enables you to utilize the so called Server Side includes in documents with the file extension .shtml (per default, refer to ParseExt directive for changing this).

SSI commands appear in HTML documents` comments:
<!--#SSI_COMMAND ... -->
(don't forget the '#', no spaces allowed at the beginning!)

where SSI_COMMAND may be one of:
include virtual "uri"
replaces the SSI-comment with the contents of the specified file URI (virtual means corresponding to the client-visible directory structure)
include file "file"
includes contents of the given file into the document (the SSI-comment is replaced with the files content)
exec cmd "command"
executes the given CGI (and afterwards throws this CGIs output where the SSI-comment was)

NANOWEB, the aEGiS PHP web server