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Brainfuck Server Pages


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mod_bsp is a nanoweb module used to serve BSP content - BSP stands for Brainfuck Server Pages.

But ... What the f*ck is Brainfuck ?

"Brainfuck is the ungodly creation of Urban Müller, whose goal was apparently to create a Turing-complete language for which he could write the smallest compiler ever, for the Amiga OS 2.0. His compiler was 240 bytes in size. (Though he improved upon this later -- he informed me at one point that he had managed to bring it under 200 bytes.)"

If you want to see what it looks like, have a look at ../bspdemo.bsp in the docroot.

Quick facts about mod_bsp:

If you're further interested in Brainfuck: there are thousands of pages covering this language.

NANOWEB, the aEGiS PHP web server