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2010/01/18 update ----------------- The nanoweb project is no longer actively developed. I have plans for a successor to nanoweb, with a cleaner and simpler architecture, and much better performance. This won't be nanoweb 3.0 because the goals are not the same. Nanoweb put the emphasis on features and extensibility, when the goals for this new project are more focused on performance, robustness and low resources usage. The fury-httpd project is a high performance web server written in PHP. It is built on top of nanoserv 2.1 and requires at least PHP 5.3. There is native support for IPv6 and SSL/TLS, and also for static and fastcgi content serving. It is based on a pre-fork process model and achieves thousands of served requests per second on modern low-end hardware. The project is still in alpha state but I'm actively working on it and I hope to have a first public release soon. In the meantime, bugs and security fixes are still welcome, and there's going to be at least an ultimate release of nanoweb (2.2.10 with all the pending fixes).
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