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nanoweb 2.2.9 Posted by six on 2008-Jun-10 at 22:20

Nanoweb 2.2.9 is out, get it here !

Here is the complete changelog :

- Fixed socket_select() call semantics for PHP >= 5.2.6 compatibility
- Fixed a small bug in mod_nospam which could lead to undetected spam
- Fixed parameters passed to tail in install-sh

nanoweb 2.2.8 Posted by six on 2006-Aug-10 at 20:26

Nanoweb 2.2.8 is out, get it here !

Here is the complete changelog :

- Added options in nanoctl for managing the internal address block list
- Added helper module mod_blockadm for the new nanoctl options (block/unblock)
- Added mod_nospam, a generic GET and POST content scanner based on regex
- Fixed a very annoying bug with mod_cgi and env variables on win32
- Fixed response for requests having an "Expect: 100-continue" header
- Fixed detection of duplicate request headers and appropriate error message
- Fixed a small bug with duplicate error pages in single process mode

nanoweb 2.2.7 Posted by six on 2005-May-10 at 12:33

Nanoweb 2.2.7 is out, get it here !

Here is the complete changelog :

- Added restarting of logger processes when receiving SIGHUP (nanoctl reload)
- Fixed automatic directory redirection to handle query strings correctly
- Fixed "FATAL: socket bind failed" when restarting with open connections
- Fixed FastCGI packet encoding bug in mod_fcgi (Martin Schmid)
- Fixed erroneous debug logging when using the AuthLocation directive
- Fixed reloading not re-resolving symbolic links in DocumentRoot directives
- Fixed default windows config files to set "KeepAlive = 0"
- Optimization of FastCGI packet encoding and decoding in mod_fcgi

Also, nanoserv 0.9.64 was released yesterday, give it a try !

nanoserv 0.9.58 Posted by six on 2005-Feb-13 at 17:00

The first public beta release of nanoserv is now available !

This version has all the advertised features but is still untested so use it with care ... :)

nanoweb 2.2.6 Posted by six on 2005-Jan-09 at 19:25

Nanoweb 2.2.6 is out, get it here !

Here is the complete changelog :

- Added detection of phpbb exploits and other HTTP pest by mod_worms
- Fixed OS detection so that Cygwin is no longer treated as unix
- Fixed access files not being read in allowed subdirectories for symlinks
- Fixed bug when using multiple LoadTheme and/or ServerTheme in the same scope

nanoserv almost ready Posted by six on 2004-Oct-17 at 16:20

For those of you interested in PHP sockets programming, here is a project that may turn you on !

Nanoserv is a sockets daemon toolkit for PHP 5.1+

It's a complete rewrite of the shadok sockets PHP4 library (the one behind phpos and sh4re).

It may also become - one day - the core of nanoweb 3.0

Nanoserv main features include :

  • 100% object oriented
  • native and transparent SSL/TLS support through PHP5 streams
  • multiplexing and forking listeners
  • handlers for raw connections, line input, HTTP, SMTP, XML-RPC, ...
  • transparent inter process communications with forked handlers
  • and probably more ... :)

The project is now almost ready for release, and will be in a few days / weeks ...

There is still no real homepage, but you can access some source code, examples, and technical documentation here :

Any feedback, ideas, help for documentation writing or beta-testing, would be greatly appreciated ;)

nanoweb 2.2.5 Posted by six on 2004-Oct-16 at 17:10

Nanoweb 2.2.5 is out, get it here !

Here is the complete changelog :

- Added forward dns lookup on resolved hostnames to validate the responses
- Added mod_access_referer (see RefererCheck and RefererAllow directives)
- Added display of server processes uptimes in "nanoctl status who"
- Added warning message when not using "KeepAlive=0" in single process mode
- Fixed a small bug in the handling of null parser object responses
- Fixed the "Max execution time exceeded" problem in single process mode

nanoweb 2.2.4 and PHP5 Posted by six on 2004-Aug-15 at 15:22

Nanoweb 2.2.4 is out, get it here !

This release is the first to support PHP5. For the moment nanoweb doesn't take advantage of PHP5 new features, but at least all the compatibility problems have been fixed.

This also adds a small requested feature, here is the complete changelog :

- Added sorting of directories in mod_fb using the chosen file order
- Fixed the access_query() function on merged properties
- Fixed reopen of standard input in daemon initialization code

nanoweb 2.2.3 Posted by six on 2004-May-14 at 19:43

After all this time without a new release, nanoweb 2.2.3 is out, get it here !

There are only small changes and bug fixes in this release, here is the complete changelog :

- Added "AuthLocation" directive to restrict authentication to given path(s)
- Added mod_auth_subversion for authentication against svn repositories (Jimbo)
- Fixed REMOTE_USER server var that was not set on authenticated requests
- Fixed core parser reading loop (may have caused truncation with mod_fcgi)
- Fixed a variable access bug in modules_init()
- Fixed OS detection so that "Darwin" is no longer treated as Win*

2004 PHP Québec CDROM Posted by six on 2004-May-04 at 11:55

I've just been told that Nanoweb will be included on the 2004 PHP Québec CDROM :

"PHP Québec CDROM is an exceptional event in the PHP community : it is the first CDROM dedicated to a PHP Conference, featuring 21 hours from the PHP Québec Conference held on the 25-26 of march 2005 with prestigious speakers like Rasmus Lerdorf, Derick Rethans and Ilia Alshanetsky"

Although there have been no releases for almost six months, Nanoweb development is still active and a 2.2.3 version will be out soon.

nanoweb 2.2.2 Posted by six on 2003-Nov-10 at 23:13

The new version is available, get it here !

There are only small changes and bug fixes in this release, here is the complete changelog :

- Added checking of requested URL against known device names on win32
- Added checks and adequate responses for bad request protocols and headers
- Added reporting of process memory usage (when available) to mod_status
- Changed all " compatibility with "short_open_tag = Off" in php config

nanoweb 2.2.1 Posted by six on 2003-Jul-25 at 20:32

The new version is available, get it here !

There are only small changes and bug fixes in this release, here is the complete changelog :

- Added spamtrap-friendly addresses generation in mod_emailprotect
- Fixed two small bugs in the xml output of mod_status (nanoctl status *-xml)
- Minor optimizations of the initialization code

Switching ISP Posted by six on 2003-Jun-19 at 09:42

Everything is in the title, I'm moving away from my current dsl ISP (bye bye Wanadoo).

The site may experience some downtime during the switch, but everything should be back to normal real soon, thank you :)

nanoweb 2.2 Posted by six on 2003-Jun-09 at 22:07

The new version is available, get it here !

There are some major changes in this release, like dynamic IP blocking, download speed throttling, better themes support, email protection, and more ...

Here is the complete changelog :

- Added e-mail address protection filter module mod_emailprotect (Mario)
- Added authentication module for PEAR::DB, ADOdb and dbx_() supported RDBMS
- Added support for NCSA Common Log Format and CLF-with-vhost in mod_stdlog
- Added ftp-like anonymous authentication module mod_auth_anonymous (Mario)
- Added support for HTTP "Expect: 100-continue" request header
- Added output of an "Allow" response header for 405 errors (forbidden method)
- Added blocking of incoming connections by IP addresses (see "BlockIPAddr")
- Added "StaticDisablePartial" directive to disallow serving partial content
- Added support for dynamic IP blocking to mod_worms, mod_dosevasive, mod_ac
- Added download bandwidth limiting module mod_throttle (Mario)
- Added support for the "LoadTheme" directive in access files
- Added child process spawn timestamp in master scoreboard
- Added setting of socket send and receive buffers according to SCK_*_SIZE
- Added a "blocking" server log level for IP addresses blocking services
- Added an optional shutdown() callback method for modules
- Fixed loggers watcher, any logger dying unexpectedly is now auto-respawned
- Cleaning and optimization of the IPC functions (now use SOCK_DGRAM pairs)
- Changed "LoadTheme" so that it also sets the current theme to the loaded one

nanoweb 2.1.3 Posted by six on 2003-Apr-28 at 20:52

The new version is available, get it here !

This is only a bug fixes release, here is the complete changelog :

- Fixed server vars cleaning in mod_cgi when running in single process mode
- Fixed a small addslashes() related bug in contrib/mkhugenanoweb.php
- Fixed the "Content-Length" header for HEAD requests on filtered resources
- Fixed handling of connections dropped before initial socket setup
- Fixed the multiline output of server log events with different levels
- Fixed logging of request with double quotes in uri, user agent, or referer
- Fixed propagation of configuration to virtual hosts sections for directives located after the vhost declaration

Technical problems Posted by six on 2003-Apr-12 at 16:07

The site is experiencing some accessibility problems.

The main cause is that the primary DNS server's rootfs is now resting in peace in the holy hard disks paradise. The other is that the site is hosted on my home DSL with a dynamic IP (and a lousy ISP)

Everything should be back to normal in the next 48 hours, thanks for your patience.

Update 04/14 : the primary DNS (and download site) is back online, everything seems to work fine :)

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