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Nanoweb ChangeLog

2.2.10 - 2010/??/?? - Fixed recursion bug in load_access_files() (Rigoberto.Corujo at - Fixed sorting bug in mod_fb (nick at idim dot com) - Fixed bug with redirects sent using chunked transfer encoding - Regular expressions now use PCRE instead of POSIX (better and faster) 2.2.9 - 2008/06/10 - Fixed socket_select() call semantics for PHP >= 5.2.6 compatibility - Fixed a small bug in mod_nospam which could lead to undetected spam - Fixed parameters passed to tail in install-sh 2.2.8 - 2006/08/10 - Added options in nanoctl for managing the internal address block list - Added helper module mod_blockadm for the new nanoctl options (block/unblock) - Added mod_nospam, a generic GET and POST content scanner based on regex - Fixed a very annoying bug with mod_cgi and env variables on win32 - Fixed response for requests having an "Expect: 100-continue" header - Fixed detection of duplicate request headers and appropriate error message - Fixed a small bug with duplicate error pages in single process mode 2.2.7 - 2005/05/10 - Added restarting of logger processes when receiving SIGHUP (nanoctl reload) - Fixed automatic directory redirection to handle query strings correctly - Fixed "FATAL: socket bind failed" when restarting with open connections - Fixed FastCGI packet encoding bug in mod_fcgi (Martin Schmid) - Fixed erroneous debug logging when using the AuthLocation directive - Fixed reloading not re-resolving symbolic links in DocumentRoot directives - Fixed default windows config files to set "KeepAlive = 0" - Optimization of FastCGI packet encoding and decoding in mod_fcgi 2.2.6 - 2005/01/09 - Added detection of phpbb exploits and other HTTP pest by mod_worms - Fixed OS detection so that Cygwin is no longer treated as unix - Fixed access files not being read in allowed subdirectories for symlinks - Fixed bug when using multiple LoadTheme and/or ServerTheme in the same scope 2.2.5 - 2004/10/16 - Added forward dns lookup on resolved hostnames to validate the responses - Added mod_access_referer (see RefererCheck and RefererAllow directives) - Added display of server processes uptimes in "nanoctl status who" - Added warning message when not using "KeepAlive=0" in single process mode - Fixed a small bug in the handling of null parser object responses - Fixed the "Max execution time exceeded" problem in single process mode 2.2.4 - 2004/08/15 - Added sorting of directories in mod_fb using the chosen file order - Fixed the access_query() function on merged properties (PHP5 compat) - Fixed reopen of standard input in daemon initialization code 2.2.3 - 2004/05/14 - Added "AuthLocation" directive to restrict authentication to given path(s) - Added mod_auth_subversion for authentication against svn repositories (Jimbo) - Fixed REMOTE_USER server var that was not set on authenticated requests - Fixed core parser reading loop (may have caused truncation with mod_fcgi) - Fixed a variable access bug in modules_init() - Fixed OS detection so that "Darwin" is no longer treated as Win* 2.2.2 - 2003/11/10 - Added checking of requested URL against known device names on win32 - Added checks and adequate responses for bad request protocols and headers - Added reporting of process memory usage (when available) to mod_status - Changed all "<?" occurences in nanoweb core and modules to "<?php" for compatibility with "short_open_tag = Off" in php config 2.2.1 - 2003/07/25 - Added spamtrap-friendly addresses generation in mod_emailprotect - Fixed two small bugs in the xml output of mod_status (nanoctl status *-xml) - Minor optimizations of the initialization code 2.2.0 - 2003/06/09 - Added e-mail address protection filter module mod_emailprotect (Mario) - Added authentication module for PEAR::DB, ADOdb and dbx_() supported RDBMS - Added support for NCSA Common Log Format and CLF-with-vhost in mod_stdlog - Added ftp-like anonymous authentication module mod_auth_anonymous (Mario) - Added support for HTTP "Expect: 100-continue" request header - Added output of an "Allow" response header for 405 errors (forbidden method) - Added blocking of incoming connections by IP addresses (see "BlockIPAddr") - Added "StaticDisablePartial" directive to disallow serving partial content - Added support for dynamic IP blocking to mod_worms, mod_dosevasive, mod_ac - Added download bandwidth limiting module mod_throttle (Mario) - Added support for the "LoadTheme" directive in access files - Added child process spawn timestamp in master scoreboard - Added setting of socket send and receive buffers according to SCK_*_SIZE - Added a "blocking" server log level for IP addresses blocking services - Added an optional shutdown() callback method for modules - Fixed loggers watcher, any logger dying unexpectedly is now auto-respawned - Cleaning and optimization of the IPC functions (now use SOCK_DGRAM pairs) - Changed "LoadTheme" so that it also sets the current theme to the loaded one 2.1.3 - 2003/04/28 - Fixed server vars cleaning in mod_cgi when running in single process mode - Fixed a small addslashes() related bug in contrib/mkhugenanoweb.php - Fixed the "Content-Length" header for HEAD requests on filtered resources - Fixed handling of connections dropped before initial socket setup - Fixed the multiline output of server log events with different levels - Fixed logging of request with double quotes in uri, user agent, or referer - Fixed propagation of configuration to virtual hosts sections for directives located after the vhost declaration 2.1.2 - 2003/04/02 - Added to nanoctl a "configtest" option to check for configuration errors - Added "FBDateFormat" conf/access directive to mod_fb - Fixed "405 Method Not Allowed" when POSTing to a script in a CGIScriptDir - Fixed a small bug with the access files loader when running on Win32 - Fixed and cleaned some ugly code in the user directories handler - Fixed advise/redirect URL in mod_mispell if inside an aliased or user dir - Fixed keep alive responses when running in single process mode - Fixed handling of reqs for different vhosts in the same keep alive session - Fixed the internal stats counter numbers in single process mode - Fixed a small display bug in nanoctl when nanoweb starts with warnings - Fixed the SCRIPT_NAME server variable when path info is used - Killed keep-alive auto disable in single process mode, if you really want it disabled then set "KeepAlive = 0" in nanoweb.conf - Minor cosmetic changes in the output of mod_status - Distribution: Added "nanoweb.theme" server theme and changed the default installed website to use the same design 2.1.1 - 2003/03/10 - Added warning in mod_cgi if the temporary directory is not writable - Added "TempDir" conf directive (alias for "TempDirectory" now deprecated) - Added "LogDir" conf directive and multiple logfiles per vhost to mod_stdlog - Fixed a small timing issue in detection of stalled network transfers - Fixed handling of REDIRECT_URL server variable (missing "/" character) - Fixed the double setting of server variables in mod_cgi - Fixed server generated error pages when no resource is requested 2.1.0 - 2003/03/03 - Added server themes for generated content (error pages, dir listing, ...) - Added multiple languages support in theme engine (provided en-us, fr and de) - Added "MaxRequestBodyLength" and "MaxRequestURILength" config directives - Added HTTP TRACE support with mod_method_TRACE - Added handling of REDIRECT_* server vars for parsed content - Added support for absolute directory indexes - Added "ConfigDir" global conf directive (impacts "Include" and "LoadTheme") - Added support for unlimited server processes (MaxServers = 0) - Added transparent ZIP archive decompression with mod_unzip (Mario) - Added mod_lnk for custom link files support (Mario) - Added MD5 message digest support module mod_digest - Added mod_msff (Microsoft-Free Fridays, Mario) - Added "CGINoHeader" and "FCGINoHeader" in mod_cgi and mod_fcgi to filter returned headers before sending them to the client - Added support for proc_* functions (PHP >= 4.3) in mod_cgi - Added sorting of the directory list by query string argument in mod_fb - Replaced the global "AllowExtSymlinks" boolean directive with the finer grained "AllowSymlinkTo" which works globally and per virtual host - Dropped support for "FBTemplateHeader" and "FBTemplateFooter" directives in mod_fb, in favor of server themes support - Renamed "FastCGIFilterPathInfo" directive to "FCGIFilterPathInfo" - Fixed the undefined SOCKET_EAGAIN constant problem on win32 - Fixed some ugly file permissions code in mod_cgi - Fixed handling of tab (\t) characters in config and access files - Changes and optimizations to mod_static and the parser modules API - Cleaning and optimizations to the outside-docroot exemptions handling - Install script now checks existing config and updates deprecated directives - Distribution: Lots of updates to the manual (Mario), added new contrib util apache2nwconf - an apache to nanoweb configuration files converter (Mario), added "default" and "fancy" server themes, added new set of file browser icons (thanks to Splif), updated mime.types file 2.0.2 - 2003/01/27 - Added checking of php.ini directives in install-sh (Mario) - Fixed PHP 4.2.x compatibility (redefine SOCKET_EAGAIN constant if needed) 2.0.1 - 2003/01/20 - Added authentication against PostgreSQL db (mod_auth_pgsql by Szilveszter) - Added fallback to mime magic if available (PHP built w. --enable-mime-magic) - Added "DisableMimeMagic" conf/access directive to disable the above feature - Added warning message when the server can't find or read an error document - Fixed server exit on 'nanoctl reload' with invalid configuration - Fixed cleaning of additional error messages buffer in single process mode - Fixed the ErrorDocument and ErrorHeader bug with "AccessPolicy = merge" - Fixed 404 error bug when requesting a filename with a non-encoded "+" char - Fixed a small security issue with mod_mispell (directory listing) - Distribution: updated README.nanoctl with new 2.0 features, added contrib directory with Mario's CGI wrapper and huge src builder mkhugenanoweb.php 2.0.0 - 2003/01/06 - NOTE: 2.0 does *NOT* break compatibility with 1.x and you can keep your configuration and access files as is, same for 90% of 1.x modules. - Added support for multiple listen ports, see "ListenPort" conf directive - Added Access(Policy/Override/Merge/Block) conf directives for control of allowed directives in access files - Added optional port number to virtual hosts and "ServerAlias" definitions - Added "MaxServers" directive to limit the maximum number of child processes - Added access control support with mod_ac - Added support for LDAP directory based authentication with mod_auth_ldap - Added mod_dosevasive which tries to stop DoS attacks by limiting the maximum number of requests allowed for a resource by a client in a given time - Added support for PUT uploads with mod_method_PUT (Mario) - Added generic CGI method handler support with mod_method_handler (Mario) - Added meta http-equiv HTML parsing module mod_meta (Mario) - Added mod_asis for serving raw cgi-like static content (Mario) - Added "--start-daemon" and "--quiet" command line arguments - Added error reporting when 'nanoctl start' cannot start the server - Added new module type "url2" with output streaming capability - Added support for request methods modules, this allows to create handlers for HTTP req methods other than the standard GET, POST, HEAD and OPTIONS - Added output streaming support to FastCGI module - Added "AddType" conf directive for adding mime/ext associations - Added "sig_token" module property to append a token to the server signature, also added an option to the "ServerSignature" directive to disable this. - Added support for multiple server logs, see "ServerLog" conf directive - Added log level filtering to server logs (see also "ServerLog" directive) - Added "[/whatever]" conf syntax to return to the global scope - Added negative caching to access files loader - Added caching to some file and directory info operations - Added caching of used group and user ids at startup - Added XML, WDDX and php-serialized output support to mod_status - Added batch processing of ipc in master process code - Added support for modules and scripts own HTTP response codes / errors - Added "ForceHandler" conf/access directive to force a parser on all content - Added absolute path to configuration file on DOS drives (Mario) - Added --debug and --verbose options to show php warnings (Mario) - Fixed POST bug on win32 with the DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant (Mario) - Fixed missing check for $posix_av before first usage in nanoweb_init (Mario) - Fixed server log access rights issues when master was writing first - Fixed empty entry bug in the master process scoreboard handler - Fixed a timeout issue with dropped connections in single process mode - Fixed a small bug and cleaned signal handling code - Fixed end-of-stream detection on some parser modules (fastcgi and ssi) - Fixed the symlinks handling for more than one level of subdirectories - Fixed access files handler trying to open ureadable files - Fixed the "SCRIPT_NAME" server variable when using aliased directories - Fixed in mod_cgi : added workaround for a PHP putenv() bug on win32 - Fixed handling of the "." directory in URL parser with "IgnoreDotFiles=1" - Fixed icons not displaying when browsing a "CGIScriptsDir" defined dir - Fixed error 500 in mod_cgi when a file was not found in a CGIScriptDir - Fixed access files handler issues with aliases and user directories - Renamed "LogToConsole" directive to "LogHitsToConsole" - Some small fixes, additions and cosmetic changes to mod_status - Optimizations to the access files loader and request headers decoding - Optimizations to mod_proxy (myrdin) and mod_multiviews (Mario) - Changes in distribution: Rewrite in PHP with tons of enhancements of the installation script (Mario), total rearrangement of the directory tree to be more compliant with standards, more additions and updates to the manual (Mario), added man pages (Mario & Szilveszter) 1.9.1 - 2002/11/12 - Added "ServerSignature" and "ServerFakeSignature" conf/access directives - Added file name extensions to the "Filter" directive (Mario) - Added pfilters module mod_misc_filters.php (Mario) - Added redirect support and conf/access directives to mod_load_limit - Fixed partial content requests handling in mod_static - Fixed access files support for the "ParseExt" directive - Fixed a small URL decoding bug with malformed requests - Fixed a bug that prevented execution of scripts in CGI directories - Fixed the modules loader to only fall back to ModulesDir - Fixed DNS lookups bug with logger processes and "HostnameLookupsBy = server" - Fixed small bugs in mod_fb and added access files support to "FileBrowser" - Fixed error reporting level in nanoconfig - install-sh now checks for /etc/mime.types and creates a symlink if it exists and also supports a '-f' option for non-interactive mode 1.9.0 - 2002/10/28 - Added buffering for big static files that don't fit in memory limit - Added mod_proxy, a caching and filtering proxy module for nanoweb (myrdin) - Added option to allow logger processes to do the reverse dns queries instead of servers (increase server performance). See "HostnameLookupsBy" in conf - Added modular output filters with mod_pfilters (Mario) - Added pfilters support to mod_gzip (Mario) - Added mod_html_filters module for pfilters (Mario) - Added flexibility to the config (parser knows "name=value" and "name value") - Added nanoconfig, a user friendly, www based configuration editor (Mario) - Added the "AddServerVar" configuration/access directive, see config file - Added support for an optional modules init method - Added "CGIScriptsDir" and "CGIScriptNoExec" directives to mod_cgi - Added security notices output (OUTSIDE_DOCROOT and DOT_FILE) to server log - Added "-q" option for php-cgi support with stunnel in in.nanoweb - Added use of readlink() to determine filename when requesting a symlink - Added "ErrorHeader" conf/access directive, see config file - Added mod_img_filters, a pictures conversion module for pfilters (Mario) - Added ticks declare for PHP 4.3.x pcntl extension compatibility - Added "ModulesDir" conf directive, see modules.conf - Added server vars support to "ParseExt" directive (this breaks compatibility if you were using ParseExt [parser] $FILENAME, use $SCRIPT_FILENAME instead) - Added authentication module mod_auth_simple (simple user / pass auth) - Added "DefaultHandler" directive, see config file - Added apache compatible authentication module mod_auth_htpasswd - Added MySQL authentication module mod_auth_mysql - Added mod_libphp, an experimental inline PHP support module (Mario) - Added setting of php ini vars by mod_cgi (see CGIPHPOption directive) - Added htpasswd.php, a nanoweb/apache password file manager (myrdin) - Added mod_gzip option "GzipLevel" to set compression level (Mario) - Moved the old authentication code to mod_auth_nwauth - Cleaned and optimized the resource loader and response handler code - Some small optimizations to the master process code - Moved all static content serving related code to mod_static - Rewrote the authentication layer to make it modular and cleaner, added "AuthRequire", "AuthRealm" and "AuthMessage" conf/access directives - mod_rewrite patch from to speed up internal regexs - Fixed the configuration reloading code (used by 'nanoctl reload') - Fixed 404 error on "GET /dir/../" if IgnoreDotFiles was set - Fixed OS detection routine to use the standard PHP_OS constant - Fixed mod_fb to link a more correct url for parent directory (was "../") - Fixed a small security issue with the "AllowExtSymlinks" directive - Fixed the access cache that was never invalidated in single process mode - Fixed small bugs with mod_fb and url_to_absolute() - Fixed a bug where sometimes a logger didn't see a hit - Fixed temporary POST files created by mod_cgi now have mode set to 600 - Fixed 'nanoctl status' to work if nanoweb is not running on port 80 - Fixed access files handler bugs when running on windows - Changes in distribution: added mime.types file 1.8.3 - 2002/10/09 - Fixed the configuration loading code (in some cases default values were used) - Fixed small bug in logged content length when using chunked transfer encoding - Fixed mod_cgi and inetd handler for binary-safe operation on Win32 - Dropped support for PHP 4.1.x sockets extension (PHP >= 4.2.0 needed now) 1.8.2 - 2002/09/25 - Added user/group creation in install-sh - Fixed a serious security issue with the "AllowExtSymlinks" conf directive - Fixed bug when defining a ServerAlias as the actual server name - Fixed things so that nanoweb is a little less memory hungry - Fixed the DEFAULT_LISTEN_PORT typo (now really set to 80) - Fixed small reload bug in access files handler - Fixed access files not working in aliased directories - Fixed installation WWW dir rights on some secure linux distributions - Fixed DEFAULT_CONF_FILE to match the default install path - Keep-alive support is now automatically disabled in single process mode - Changes in distribution : added windows default conf files, install.bat, and, more manual updates (Mario) 1.8.1 - 2002/09/11 - Added mod_load_limit for server load average based access limit - Added "Alias" conf/access directive for directory aliasing - Added 'status detailed' and 'status vstats' to nanoctl and mod_status - Added consumed bandwidth info to mod_status - Added icons support to file browser module - Added "-ssl" option to in.nanoweb inetd wrapper for easier SSL setup - Added templates support to file browser (see FBTemplateHeader/Footer) - Fixed error document handling for parsed content - Fixed and cleaned cache helpers code - Fixed the internal hit counter missing some requests - Fixed POST to a non existing resource now returns 404 instead of 405 - Fixed path info handler to search for files only - Fixed configuration parser for some "ParseExt" and "ErrorDocument" cases - Fixed access files are now reloaded if URL is rewritten before decoding - Some changes and speed improvements to mod_multiviews (Mario) - Changed "DefaultContentType", "DirectoryIndex", "ErrorDocument", and "AddHeader" to also work in access files - Changes in distribution : added file browser icons (Splif), many updates to the manual (Mario) 1.8.0 - 2002/09/02 - Added support for inetd mode (see README.inetd and README.ssl) - Added access files support (per directory conf overrides) - Added mod_rewrite and mod_multiviews by Mario Salzer (see docs) - Added mod_access_rbl by myrdin (see modules.conf) - Added "FBSortOrder" conf directive for directory browser sorting - Added "AllowExtSymlinks" directive, see config file - Added help, version, config, set-option and add-option command line arguments - Added some features and optimizations to configuration parser - Added "DefaultContentType" configuration directive - Added sending of "405 Method not allowed" on POST to static content - Added handling of pipelined HTTP requests (Mozilla does this) - Added description files support to dir browser (see "FBDescFile" in config) - Added "IgnoreDotFiles" directive, see config file - Added some HTTP server vars, fixed some others - Added PATH INFO support (allows you to use URLs), see "AllowPathInfo" and "PathInfoTryExt" in config file, and "CGIFilterPathInfo" in modules config files - Added "GZipEnable" directive, and support for access files to mod_gzip - Improved FastCGI support (mod_fcgi is no longer experimental) - Fixed the "WARN: master not responding" messages when running on win32 - Fixed keep-alive header compatibility hazard - Fixed the "unable to bind to socket" error on restart by setting SO_REUSEADDR - Fixed a small bug in conf parser if the first line was an "Include" statement - Fixed mod_cgi eating CPU in infinite loop if the called CGI app was returning without sending any output (could happen with broken apps or conf errors) - Cleaned and optimized the master process code - Moved generation of http server vars from mod_cgi and mod_fcgi to server - Moved files and directory browsing from server core to mod_fb.php - Renamed mod_ssi to mod_include (server side includes) - Changes in distribution : added html manual (many thanks to Mario :) ), added CREDITS file, added docs directory and made install-sh interactive. 1.7.3 - 2002/08/07 - Added support for HTTP resume (Accept-Ranges, Content-Range, Range, If-Range) - Added wildcard vhosts to allow [*] or "ServerAlias = *" - Added module for Brainfuck Server Pages support (see README.mod_bsp) - Added "URI" header for redirection of old HTTP/1.0 and 0.9 clients - Fixed mod_cgi to work with some broken CGI implementations - Fixed url_to_absolute to include port number if not 80 (thanks to Olli J.) - Changed start date/time in mod_status to GMT - Changed the default content type to "text/plain" 1.7.2 - 2002/08/01 - Added support for "ETag" and "If-*-Match" cache helper HTTP headers - Added thousands separator for files size in file browser - Fixed cache headers for "304 Not Modified" responses - Fixed HEAD now reports the size of the requested document - Fixed inital socket creation and binding to match changes in PHP sockets - Changed all critical loops using "while(list()=each())" to "foreach()" for performance reasons 1.7.1 - 2002/07/21 - Nanoweb now generates absolute URLs for self-refering links - Fixed a case where master process didn't see a child was dead - mod_mispell now searches recursively and can advise more than one valid URLs (by myrdin). It also sends absolute URL redirections. - Nanoweb now checks at launch if all document roots exist, and aborts if not 1.7.0 - 2002/07/14 - Added logger process : logging can now be done by dedicated processes to speed up servers and solve some access rights problems if User or Group directives are used. See Logger* in config file. - Added mod_mispell.php based on a patch by myrdin, to allow redirect or user advice on wrongly typed URLs, see Mispell* in modules config file. - Added "ServerAlias" directive to virtual hosts configuration - Added mod_worms.php for detecting and (kind of) defeating infected IIS servers. See README.mod_worms and Worms* directives in modules config file - Added configurable allowed hosts in mod_status (see StatusAllowHost in conf) - Added internal communication between master and children - Added "who" option to nanoctl to show active server processes status. This option only works with mod_status loaded in the server. - Added loaded modules list, total and average hits to mod_status - Fixed request decoding for large POST (file uploads should always work now) - Fixed cache helper (If-Modified-Since request header handler) - Fixed resource path in the default error document - Fixed file browser welcome file display HTML code - Moved gzip support to mod_gzip.php (see modules config file) - Cleaned and added some internal and modules related features - Renamed configuration directive "ConsoleLog" to "LogToConsole" 1.6.1 - 2002/07/07 - Fixed a bug in file browser when using user directories - Fixed the connexion count reported by mod_status in single process mode - Fixed sockets code to work with PHP < 4.2.0 1.6.0 - 2002/07/06 - Added install script - Added mod_status.php used by "nanoctl status" command - Added possibilty for modules to register URLs - Added user directory support (for urls, thanks to myrdin ;) see UserDir in config file - Added "Include" capability to configuration parser - Added "ServerLog" directive to config file - Added auto-redir for directories ("/path/to/dir" = 302 to "/path/to/dir/") - Added configuration directive (AddHeader = Name: Value) to add HTTP headers - Changed "DefineExtXXX = YYY" configuration directive to "ParseExt = XXX YYY", and "ErrorDocumentXXX = YYY" to "ErrorDocument = XXX YYY" - Fixed RequestTimeout (didn't work in 1.5.0, timeout was always 2 seconds) - Fixed small bug when receiving bogus empty requests - Fixed, cleaned and added options (reload, restart, status) to nanoctl - nanoweb.php has passed the 1000 lines of code cap ... Don't know if there is a profound meaning to this, I think i can still call it 'small' :) 1.5.0 - 2002/06/21 - Rewrote and cleaned sockets code (it's faster and use less CPU when idle) - Rewrote part of the configuration parsing code to make it more flexible - Fixed a case when sometimes connection was not closed properly - Added pid file support (see PidFile in config file) - Added nanoctl script for starting and stopping the server - Changed the "Date" http header to use GMT instead of local time zone - Fixed small signal handling bug - Nanoweb can now work in single process mode. This can be set by the SingleProcessMode configuration directive (see config file), and automatically activated if running without the pcntl PHP extension. It's also needed to run Nanoweb on Win32 (experimental). 1.4.3 - 2002/06/10 - Added setting of PHP error reporting level - Fixed max=## value in the "Keep-Alive" HTTP header - Fixed small bug with the last request of a keep-alive session when chunked transfer encoding was used - Fixed "Last-Modified" header to make it rfc822 compliant 1.4.2 - 2002/06/06 - Rewrote code to use PHP 4.2.x sockets extension - gzip encoding is now turned off if gzencode() is not available 1.4.1 - 2002/04/18 - Added support for multiple directory indexes - Added FBShowDotFiles and FBWelcomeFile browser directives (see config file) - Cleaned the configuration loading code - Fixed small CGI bug (related to PATH_INFO env var) 1.4.0 - 2002/03/28 - Moved SSI and CGI processing to mod_ssi.php and mod_cgi.php - Added support for CGI output streaming - Added directory browsing (see config file) - Added FastCGI support (mod_fcgi.php - experimental) - Added support for chunked transfer encoding - Cleaned auth and cache helper code - Changed behavior of auth file (now protects whole site if placed in document root) - Fixed small bug with authentication headers (CRLF in realm name) - Fixed error document for 401 Unauthorized (was not displayed because of lack of authorization) 1.3.2 - 2002/03/15 - Introduced modular architecture - Added MySQL logging module mod_mysqllog.php - Moved standard logging to module mod_stdlog.php - Fixed a CGI bug that prevented some versions of PHP to work with Nanoweb - Fixed a small bug with network reads 1.3.1 - 2002/03/11 - Nanoweb now handles if-modified-since request headers - Added some CGI features (env & now accepts "HTTP/x.x xxx" response header) - Fixed handling of lost connection while sending data - Fixed a bug with relative DocumentRoot paths - Fixed syntax error in log in case of http auth - Fixed wrong bytes count in log (no longer include headers) - Fixed small bug in signal handling if childs were running 1.3.0 - 2002/03/05 - Added CGI support (nanoweb can now serve php dynamic pages) - Added support for keep-alive connections - Added Basic HTTP authentication - Rewrote all network I/O to make them streamed - Nanoweb now reloads config file on kill -HUP - Added support for error documents - User and Group configuration directives now work per virtual host - Rewrote URL parsing, improved security and "../" are now allowed in path - Added HostnameLookups configuration directive - Finally implemented HEAD method the Right-Way(tm) - Fixed directory index not working in subdirectories - Added ServerName and ServerAdmin configuration directives - Added RequestTimeout configuration directive - Nanoweb now checks at launch if all necessary php extensions are available - Added support for OPTIONS http method - Added ChildLifeTime configuration directive - Some minor bugfixes and enhancements 1.2.1 - 2002/03/01 - Quickly fixed a nasty URL security hazard 1.2.0 - 2002/02/28 - Nanoweb now forks a new process for each http request (pcntl php extension needed) - Various code rewrite and optimizations - Added more friendly http error messages - Added User and Group configuration directives - Fixed vhosts config when running on default port - Changed php4 binary location to "/usr/local/bin/php" to match the default php install instead of the debian package - Nanoweb now tries to exit cleanly when killed - Added configuration option to disable gzip encoding support - Fixed mandatory trailing backslash for documentroot configuration option 1.1.0 - 2002/02/18 - Added configuration file (nanoweb.conf) - Added complete MIME support - Added name virtual hosts support - Added per-vhost Apache compatible loging - Added gzip content encoding - Added limited support for server side includes (virtual, file, and exec) 1.0.3 - 2002/02/17 - Added support for HEAD http method - Added "Connection: close" header - Added handling of default index - Added support for tgz in MIME types 1.0.2 - 2002/02/16 - Initial release 1.0.0 - 2001/07/?? - First working version
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